sudo apt update

Install Java

apt install openjdk-19-jre-headless

Clone the PWR Validator Node Repository

git clone
cd PWR-Validator-Node

Set Up your Password

sudo nano password
  • Enter your desired password

  • Press Ctrl + x to close

  • Press Y to confirm saving the password.

Run the Node

java -jar validator.jar password <YOUR_SERVER_IP>

Replace <YOUR_SERVER_IP> with your server's actual IP.

Become a Validator Node

  • Initially, your node will synchronize with the blockchain but will not assume validator responsibilities until it possesses staked PWR Coins

  • To obtain sufficient PWR Coins for staking, apply to become a testnet validator on our Discord server. Once approved, you can use discord bot to claim 100k PWR to stake.

  • After claiming your coins, your node will initiate a transaction to enlist as a validator.

Running in the Background

If you wish to run the node in the background, ensuring it remains active after closing the terminal, utilize the nohup command:

nohup java -jar validator.jar password <YOUR_SERVER_IP> &

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